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These are magnets that we do not currently have a stock of, but we are more than willing to get some in! Place your order and then we will order in a supply of them and ship yours as soon as possible!

The magnets are of high quality and rated for outdoor use as well, so they’ll work on your fridge and your car!

Please allow up to 2 months for delivery, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ra_Zim through the Discord!

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Dwarf Kobold, Kingdom Hearts Growlithe, Tetris Growlithe, Wolf the Deer, Pokemon Trainer, Monster Hunter, Fallout Kobold, Doctor Kobold, Mechromancer Toya, Gunzerker Zim, Admiral Deer, Satisfactory Growlithe, Highwaymarten, GW2 Charr, Minecraft Eevee, Subnautica Marten, Singing Kobold, Starbound Eevee, Genocide, Pacifist

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