Minecraft – Ferret Mischief

Welcome to the ZGF Gaming Ferret Mischief Modded Minecraft server!

Here you can find information including the address, setup, and so on.

Address: ferret.zgfgaming.com

Please consider supporting the community through Patreon if you enjoy the server! It will help us keep it running and potentially even upgrade it! Or you can make a one time donation through PayPal.

Mod List

Most of the mods can be found on the Curse Forge page.

Connect with us

Join the ZGF Gaming Discord! Get up to date news on the server there and come play and chat on voice!

Download & Setup

We utilize the Twitch app for our servers, it is simply easier for updates and everything.
If you need to get the Twitch app and set it up properly, check our page here!

Just follow that tutorial page and you’ll be ready to come play with us!

Keep in mind that loading up the modpack WILL take a while, sorry for this, but hopefully it’ll be up asap!

Starting Gear & Tips for New Players

We provide you with plenty of supplies to get started. Some of the mods we have generate some rather ferocious monsters near spawn, so you’ll need to be careful.

We give you a set of leather armor as well as stone tools and a mithril sword.

The server also has a few mods to make survival more difficult. One is “Tough as Nails”. It makes you manage your thirst and temperature as well. For the thirst part, we have given you some Chai Tea, it restores some food as well as thirst.

There is also “Spice of Life” installed, which means there are diminishing returns on eating the same food over and over. Eventually food you ate will be made available again though, no worries! We start you off with a nice variety of foods to ensure you have enough to last until you get a base established. There is also a Lunch Box you can access by right clicking with it in your hand and store your food inside. You can even put the Lunch Box into the provided Engineer’s Toolbox!

You’ll notice you start with several books as well, we give you another item called Akashic Tome, which allows you to store these guides inside. You can find more information on this mod and how it works on their Curse Forge page.

The first thing we suggest you do is get some new tools made using Tinker’s Construct. We also have a mod called Tinker’s Complement which provides a step to get metal tools before you have a full Smeltery setup. Check the “Materials and You” book you start with for information on how Tinker’s Construct works!

For those entirely new to modded Minecraft: We have a mod called “Just Enough Items”, or JEI for short. This mod allows you to search for items using a bar in the bottom right of your inventory and then you can click on the item above to see its recipe. If you want to search for items from a specific mod, use an @ sign before searching for the mod itself. You can also put in a Space and type again to search for a specific item from that mod!

Protect Your Area

We utilize a mod called FTB Utilities to provide protection from others on the server from griefing.

In your Inventory, click the map icon in the upper left to enter the “Claimed Chunks” screen.

This will show a map of the area. To claim a chunk, simply left click on it, and left click again to unclaim. If you wish to keep it chunk loaded, hold Shift and left click on it again. Please be considerate to others when keeping areas chunk loaded though!

To give others access to your area, click the “My Team” button in the upper left of your Inventory screen.

Then you’ll select “Create a New Team” to make a team for your own base, if you’re joining someone else, check below.

This screen lets you choose a color for your team and a name! Once a team is made, others will be able to see it and request membership from the same menu as you create one in. There are a lot of settings that you can adjust for allies, team members, or no one at all, depending on what you want to allow in your specific region.

Thanks for joining us and hope you have tons of fun!