Twitch App Setup

This page is for how to download and setup the Twitch App. Please make sure you read through the entire thing as it also details how to increase Minecraft’s RAM and such!

First off, you’ve got to download and install the Twitch App! You can download it here!

First thing you want to do in the Twitch App is go up to the menu in the upper left corner.

Then you’ll go to File > Settings.

Next up, click the Minecraft tab and scroll down until you see the Java Settings section.


Here, you’ll see an option labeled as “Allocated Memory”. It is HIGHLY recommended that you set it to a higher amount. Most of our modpacks require at LEAST 4 GB of RAM dedicated to Minecraft; however, we recommend going with half of the RAM of your system.

Now that you have increased the RAM set to Minecraft, go up and click the Mods option at the top of the app.

Here you will find several options, obviously we want “Minecraft”.

Troubleshooting: If you see “0 Modpacks installed” after you’ve installed one, right click on the Twitch app in your task bar, select Exit Twitch, then start it back up. This USUALLY fixes that error. (Yes, that glitch happened for me when I was taking these screenshots)

Click “Browse Modpacks”. If nothing shows up, you may need to click that Refresh button there before going to the search bar on the right.

Now you will click the search box and type in “ZGF” (it should bring up our modpacks there). Then you’ll either see the [Install] button on the image, or you may need to hover over it to see that. Click that and it should start installing! (In the image, it’s where it says [Play]).

Next up, click “My Modpacks” to go back and you should see the modpack there!

That is it for this tutorial page! Click these links to go back where you were!

ZGF Ferret Mischief