Sable Crowns

Redeeming Sable Crowns

You can redeem your Crowns by going to our Streamlabs page. You can see the various options available there as well!


When you purchase merchandise on the site, you’ll receive Z-Coins! The amount of them you receive will vary based on the actual price of your purchase. Below you’ll find the base amounts, but unfortunately it will be reduced if you use a coupon code.

To receive the Z-Coins, please make sure you inform Ra_Zim on Discord what email you used for your account and what your name is on Twitch! It’s best if you use the same username on here as you do on Twitch.

A Twitch account is required to receive the Z-Coins from your purchase. Due to the cost to manufacture, we only offer a 10% discount for 3,000 Z-Coins; however, this coupon code can be combined with most other coupons!

Canvas Print – 3,000 Z-Coins

Poster – 1,500 Z-Coins

Stickers – 200 Z-Coins

Artist Support T-Shirts – 1,000 Z-Coins

T-Shirts – 2,000 Z-Coins

Socks – 750 Z-Coins

You will receive Z-Coins based on the final price of the product and the share of it that comes back to ZGF Gaming.