Welcome to the ZGF Starbounders server!

Here you can find the address and some primary setup information!


Please consider supporting the community through Patreon if you enjoy the server! It will help us keep it running and potentially even upgrade it! Or you can make a one time donation through PayPal.


So, to start with, just subscribe to the modpack on Steam. It’s named ZGF Starbounders on there under Collections if you’d like to find it directly on Steam.

ZGF Starbounders Modpack on Steam

First, go to the Starbound Workshop on Steam, hover over “Browse” then select “Collections”.

Then search for “ZGF”.

Select the ZGF Starbounders option (For now, the only one there!).

Then you just need to click “Subscribe to all” and Steam should download all of the mods for you!

You will also need to change an option inside your game.

1. Go to the Options menu.

2. Make sure “Allow Assets Mismatch” is checked.


Here at ZGF, we keep things simple. For our rules? Quite simply: Don’t be a dick. That covers basically everything. We do prefer you start a new character for joining the server, but we are not going to penalize anyone for it. At the least, respect your fellow players and ask before you come in with an advanced character, okay?


Support is preferred to be done via the ZGF Gaming Discord, a link to which is at the bottom of the page here! We will post any known issues here as well if they come up.

Please note the server restarts daily at 6 am mst/8 am est. It should not take long. There are also backups made every 4 hours but only kept for a week.

Maintenance of the server occurs on Saturdays, if needed. This mainly will mean updates of mods on the servers. Though it may be done throughout the week. Join the Discord for live updates.