Our new Tuesday campaign, Echoes of Eberron, begins on February 5th, 2019! That’s tomorrow! Make sure you’re on Twitch at 5 pm mdt/7 pm est and join our former kobolds as they change species and venture through the world of Eberron!


Dovah the Bird as the Dungeon Master

Ray (formerly playing Rakuu) as Ihnuun the Kitsune Necromancer

Cobalt as Yark the Kobold Alchemist Artificer (Well, he stayed as a kobold)

Digimarth (formerly playing Sully and Infel) as Dusty the Bat Monk

Stonoga (formerly playing Rok-Rok) as Elder Kaman the Zealous Alligator Cleric

Zim (formerly playing Arix) as Tsinil the Pine Marten Ranger with his companion Dissota

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